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Private Training

Private Training Sessions are the perfect way to receive a custom, individual plan for changing your dog’s behavior.

A Dog Training Camp USA Trainer will visit you at home so they can view your dog's habits in their native environment. Alternatively, we can meet in a public place if you are struggling with a behavior at a specific place. This will allow the trainer to recommend the best way to address specific issues, and immediately demonstrate how to correct them.

Our trainers have worked with thousands of dogs, and are able to set you up to succeed in just one appointment.

Private Training sessions are the ideal way to address home related issues such as door manners, barking, jumping on guests, counter surfing, etc.
  • $180 for a 90 minute session with a trainer, regardless of how many people or dogs involved
  • Follow up sessions can be scheduled as needed for $130 per hour.
  • Focus is on your individual training goals and any specific problem behaviors
  • Intense, fun, hands-on sessions
  • Sessions are as-needed by the customer, no need to commit to multiple sessions

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